Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookie


Finally, a keto-friendly take on everyone's favourite cookie. You won't believe it's low carb!


Gluten Free, Sugar Free


Available by the dozen or half-dozen.

  • Nutrition and Ingredients

    Nutritional Info: 86 kcal; Fat: 6.7g;  Net Carb: 1.6g; Protein: 1.1g


    Ingredients: Coconut Flour; Xylitol; Butter; Cream Cheese; Chocolate Chips (Unsweetened Chocolate; Erythritol; Dietary Fibre; Dextrin; Cocoa Butter; Soy Lecithin; Natural Flavours; Stevia Leaf Extract; Whole Milk Powder; Natural Vanilla Extract); Free Run Eggs; Vanilla Extract; Baking Powder; Salt